HOOk and hoof competitions

Fairfax Rural Events announces the return of the Hoof and Hook Competitions in 2019.

Applications will close 21 May 2019 and are open to steers and heifers.

Entry weight of animals entered in these classes must be between 300 - 500kg live weight with an optimum dressed weight between 180-240kg.

Normal competitions will run including FarmFest’s outstanding led steer and heifer competitions, Young Leaders in Agriculture - Junior Handlers and Judges Competitions, Battle of the Bulls and Fantastic Females.


Here's your opportunity to be an entrant in one of Queensland's biggest livestock competitions - which is a major feature of Queensland's premier primary industry field days, CRT FarmFest at Kingsthorpe Park (Toowoomba) on Tuesday to Thursday, 4 to 6 June 2019.




To enable a printed catalogue to be produced weighing will only be done from 1:00pm to 5:00pm on Monday June 3.

Display cattle and cattle competing in Classes 1 to 13 must arrive on the grounds between 9am to 5pm Monday June 3.

All competition cattle will be allocated to stalls. Stall allocations can be viewed at the Livestock Office from 9am Monday June 3 2019.

All cattle travelling to the FarmFest site MUST have a NLIS Device applied before leaving property of origin. (This includes Calves)

All Exhibitors must supply a NVD/Waybill to the NLIS contractor.

WEIGHING: Monday June 3 from 1pm to 5pm
NLIS: Reading will be between 2pm to 5pm Monday June 3.
PIC (FarmFest Property identification code): QJJD2003
JUDGING: Will start at 9am Tuesday June 4 In the Cattle Arena, Classes 1 - 8


Pam Murphy 0423 555 028


  • All exhibitors must have their own Public Liability Insurance

  • Neither Fairfax Rural Events or it’s employees will be responsible for any accidents that may be caused through or by any competitor, and it shall be a condition of entry that each exhibitor/competitor shall hold Fairfax Rural Events or its employees harmless and indemnified against and legal proceedings arising any such accidents.

  • No refunds or entry fees given.

  • Exhibitors U/16 years MUST have a supervisor with them at all times.

  • To be eligible for Stud classes, exhibitors must be registered with a recognised Breed Society or Association. Checks of Breed Society register will be made if necessary.

  • No HGP treated animals allowed to compete.

  • All cattle are eligible except those from restricted or quarantined herds.

  • All steers & heifers must be milk tooth and will be mouthed at weighing.

  • All steers & heifers must be polled or dehorned.

  • All cattle must have nose ring or nose grip with lead attached when being led.

  • All steers & heifers must be bedded on sawdust due to fire risk (sawdust will be supplied)

  • All steers & heifers must be quiet and controlled by handlers at all times.

  • Steers and heifers can only compete in one section — School & College, or Open, but not both.

  • Steers & heifers entered in School or College Section, Classes 1, 2 & 3, must be paraded by a
    handler 17 years of age or under, or a full time student of the school or college.

  • All steers & heifers must arrive on the grounds between 9am and 5pm
    on Monday June 3 2019.

  • All steers & heifers must be weighed. Weighing will be done from 1pm to 5pm
    on Monday June 3 2019. Steers & heifers not weighed will not compete.

  • Judging will start at 9am.

  • Prize money for Led Steers & heifer competitions to be collected between 12pm - 4pm Tuesday June 4 from the FarmFest Headquarters upon receipt of a signed prize card from the FarmFest Livestock Manager, Pam Murphy.

  • Prize money for Schools and colleges will be direct deposited into a nominated account. (Bank (details for schools and colleges to be provided to the FarmFest Headquarters)

  • Prize money for Stud Cattle to be collected between 12pm - 4pm Thursday June 6 from the FarmFest Headquarters upon receipt of a signed prize card from the FarmFest Livestock Manager, Pam Murphy.

  • Workplace Health & Safety requires any electrical equipment brought onto the FarmFest site must have a current Test & Tag label attached. If no tag is evident, it will be a requirement of the owner to have such equipment Tagged & Tested by the authorized FarmFest Electrical Contractor at own expense.

  • Livestock Exhibitor Welcome Kits will be available from the FarmFest Livestock Office from Monday June 3.

  • Under no circumstances are exhibitors/competitors to light fires on the FarmFest site. (Fire pits will be installed and placed at designated areas.)


For more information about CRT FarmFest Livestock Competitions, please contact Pam Murphy on 0423 555 028, email or visit our Facebook page.