about crt farmfest


The Darling Downs region has a reputation as one of Australia’s major agricultural machinery manufacturers. Farm machinery manufacturing is one of the fastest growing industries covering tillage, planting and harvesting equipment in the Darling Downs region in south east Queensland. The Darling Downs is not just known for the manufacturing of machinery, it is also surrounded by areas renowned for peanuts, navy beans, grain, pork, stone fruit, grape and wine industry production, potatoes, onions, beetroot, cabbages, lettuce, celery, tomatoes, carrots, green beans, peas, lucerne, sorghum, wheat, barley, beef cattle, wool, prime lamb production, cotton, sheep, horticulture and great pastoral farming.

CRT FarmFest provides the perfect platform in a perfect site location in which to display and promote your product, business or organisation. Whether it is big farm machinery, tractors, tillage or irrigation equipment, pumps or tools you sell or a service you provide to the agri-community to assist farmers in their day to day life, CRT FarmFest has immeasurable opportunities for selling your products or services to over 60,000 visitors. CRT FarmFest is organised and promoted by Fairfax Rural Events, a division of Fairfax Media, Australia’s largest leading media company and organiser and promoter of several field days in Australia including the largest field day in Australia, the giant Commonwealth Bank AgQuip in Gunnedah. Through the association with Fairfax Media, CRT FarmFest continues to see a major increase in awareness of the event as a major agri-information source as well as a great “one stop farmer’s shop” in Queensland. CRT FarmFest is the place to view and compare a comprehensive range of products designed for effective, efficient farming and rural practices. Fairfax Rural Events will maintain and expand on the already successful formula shared with Commonwealth Bank AgQuip that of “a heavily promoted, shop-floor atmosphere, with no barriers between buyers and sellers, and all efforts geared to results on-site and flow-on sales”. CRT FarmFest will give you the results your company requires at what is now Queensland’s premier field days. CRT FarmFest is extensively surveyed every year on site, providing a great variety of genuine statistics to draw specific marketing information. By the utilisation of the survey findings along with a focus on being geared to sales, educating your clients, delivering research findings and other agribusiness information this concept has stood the test of time ensuring the continued success of CRT FarmFest.